How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One Controller?

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One Controller

Xbox is a very popular game that is played all across the globe. But there are some issues that many users have faced by using Xbox. One of these issues is the lack of Bluetooth audio. This means that you won’t be able to connect a wireless headphones with the Xbox because it doesn’t support it which can be very annoying for those users who like to use a good quality wireless headphones while gaming. Because your headphone won’t be compatible with the gaming device it can also lead to waste of money and you will have to use your wired headphones eventually.

Most people hate using a wired headphone because you always have to untangle the wires and you are supposed to sit at a particular place to play your game. It limits your movement which can get very frustrating in the long run for gamers. But the good part is that this problem can be cured by going through this article you will find enough information that will be very helpful for you to connect your favorite Bluetooth wireless headphones with your Xbox one so that you can enjoy smooth and uninterrupted gaming.

Why should people choose a Bluetooth support device?

These days most of the devices are removing the audio port because they encourage the people to use Bluetooth headphones because they are easy to use and more convenient for people. The audio quality is also improved in these Bluetooth wireless headphones which is what makes them a very attractive choice for the user.

Because of all these features of wireless headphones they are considered as a more favorable choice as compared to avoid headphones on so many levels. It is also very easy to set up a Bluetooth headphone and it doesn’t cause any inconvenience when it comes to the connectivity.

However on the other hand when you have a wired headphones it is also very difficult to connect it because these devices do not support Bluetooth hardware so they take more complexity to connect them. Using a wireless headphone will allow you to enjoy your game without worrying about any cables or connectivity issues.

Is Xbox Wireless more compatible?

The hardware in the Xbox wireless has greatly been improved and the Bluetooth connectivity is reliable. It provides a high frequency connection to the user which improve the strength of connectivity options so that the user doesn’t face any connectivity issues while they’re playing games continuously. However there are many people who will prefer to use their own headphones instead of buying the ones that come from Microsoft.

Connect Bluetooth headset to the Xbox one controller

If you are someone who uses Microsoft headphones then you don’t have to worry about anything because they will connect straight away. However if you are using your own headphones then there are some steps that you need to follow to connect the Bluetooth headset with the Xbox one controller.

You will need to get an adapter that supports Bluetooth connectivity and you can connect it to the audio jack of the Xbox one controller. This is by far the best option that is available For connecting your Bluetooth headset with the Xbox one controller. But if you want to make this work you need to purchase two devices.

  • The first thing that you need to purchase is a transmitter. If you want to connect your Bluetooth headset with the Xbox one controller you need to make sure that you have a reliable transmitter. It will allow any user to connect their headphone with the Xbox one easily.
  • If you are someone who is playing a game that requires chat or voice over in the multi player option then you will need to purchase a receiver as well. This is for those users who need to use microphone as well. Therefore a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver will collectively ensure that you enjoy high-quality audio and are able to use your microphone as well.

Connect wireless headphones to Xbox one

If you want to connect your Bluetooth headphone with the Xbox one controller there are certain steps that you need to follow.

  1. Get a transmitter that will allow you to connector adapted to the audio port of Xbox one since it comes with a 3.5 MM jack.
  2. On the transmitter you will see a button. Press on that button for at least 3 to 5 seconds until you see a blinking light on top.
  3. On the headphones press the pairing button until you see the LED indicator that shows that the pairing is working.
  4. After a few minutes you will see the status that your Bluetooth headphone is successfully connected to the Xbox one controller. After that the user is very relaxed since they will be able to play the game without worrying about any audio

Connect Bluetooth headset to Xbox one controller without audio port

Sometimes the Xbox one controller that you purchased doesn’t come with the audio port which makes it hard to connect your Bluetooth headset with it. This makes the entire process more complicated. But there are certain steps that you need to follow to connect your Bluetooth headset with the Xbox one controller that doesn’t come with audio port.

  1. Connect the headset on the bottom and the transmitter will also be connected to it
  2. Once everything is connected press and hold the button that gets you to the pairing option
  3. It will show you the pairing status through the LED blue and red light. On the headphone press and hold the pairing button until the entire set up is complete. It does take a few moments so make sure that you stay patient during the entire process.

Final words

Gaming becomes a lot more fun when the user is able to connect their favorite Bluetooth headset with the Xbox one controller without any difficulty. If you want to make the entire connectivity process a lot easier for you it is highly recommended to read this article because it will provide you all the valuable information that will help you connect your wireless headset with the Xbox one controller.

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