How To Fix Water Damaged Headphones?

How To Fix Water Damaged Headphones

When you wear headphones daily or wear headphones when you are going to swim in water then chances are it can cause potential damage to your headphones and they can stop working. However, there are some ways that you can fix this problem in your headphones and you won’t feel the need to purchase new headphones. This is why this article was formulated so that the user gets the maximum information that will help him to fix the water damage headphones.

But before you check out the different ways to which you can fix this issue you need to be  aware that it is not a good choice to use headphones when they are wet.

Things to not do when your earphones are wet

Following are some of the most important things that you should keep in mind so that you do not use the earphones when they are wet:

  1. When earphones are wet you should not use a hairdryer

Hairdryers produce a high heat temperature which can be very dangerous if you are using wet earphones while drying your hair. This causes the heat to flow into the earbuds of the headphones. It can cause great damage to the built-in plastic and can change the shape of the cords leading to effective damage making it hard to fix the broken headphones.

  1. Avoid using a microwave or an oven

Another important thing to make sure is that you are not using any microwave or oven when you are wearing earphones because the microwave is an electronic device so if you are using your headphones were using the microwave it can cause create a mess in the microwave and can also injur you. Therefore it is very important to take off your damaged earphone because your earphones come with plastic coating that can easily be destroyed by excess heat.

  1. Do not try to use the earphones

Once your earphones get wet it is very important to avoid using the earphones when they are fully soaked in water because the electronic circuit inside the earphones can have a short circuit which can be very damaging for the person.

  1. Fix the earphones immediately

Once you noticed that your earphones are wet and not working then you should immediately get your headphones fixed otherwise it will cause permanent damage to them and you won’t be able to use your earphones forever. By taking immediate action you will be able to reduce the chances of losing your headphones completely.

Important ways to fix your wet earphones

Following are some of the most important ways to that you can fix your damaged and wet earphones:

Remove the foam tip sleeve

The first thing to do is immediately remove the foam or rubber tips leaving from the earbuds and then use a soft towel to dry the earbuds. Your main focus should be on the ear buds and make sure that its driver remains safe because if the driver is damaged then it will be hard for you to get your headphones fixed.

Disassemble the earbuds

After cleaning the earbuds it is very important to disassemble the earbuds so that you can easily check the internal parts and examine if there is any damage to them. Most of the earbuds come with screws that are easy to open by using a small screwdriver or a knife. You can also use a plastic external driver cab that easily exposes the internal components of the headphone.

However, if you are someone who is using earbuds that are made up of Apple then you should avoid opening them up because it will only cost for the damage to it and you won’t be able to fix your headphones after that. Apple headphones are perfectly glued so that no one can try to open the headphones including the AirPods without causing any damage to the internal parts.

Try shaking the earphones

This method works at times. By shaking the earphones the user will be able to remove excess droplets of water which can boost the drying process.

Below air inside the headphones

Even if none of the above-mentioned steps provides fruitful results to you you can select this last method which is blowing up the earbuds with air. This will also provide you a blower that needs to be kept at a distance. However when you are wearing lashes in front of a blow dryer then it will be hard for you to get your job done and it can frustrate you.

Use a soft towel

If you want to completely dry your earbuds then try using a soft towel because it can completely soak the excessive water and makes the earphones look more professional.

By using a rice bowl

This method is one of the most effective ways to which you can fix your earphones and prevent sound leakage. Take a bowl filled with rice and put it in the kitchen. Now open the kitchen fridge and put both the earbuds along with their drivers and other components inside the Rice bowl in the Bridge.

Final words

If you want to listen to your favorite music, podcast, or watch a movie you can only do so if you have professional earphones. This article will give you enough knowledge on how to fix water damaged headphones. This not only saves time but also provides you the professional performance that you deserve.