How To Enable Dual Channel Ram?

How To Enable Dual Channel Ram

RAM is a very important component of your computer system that helps the user to properly run different applications and games on the PC or laptop. If the computer comes with high-quality RAM then you will be able to install different types of applications and games easily without any issues. You won’t have to require any external assistance for downloading such applications when the built in RAM is of premium quality. In this article, you will be provided enough information regarding enabling dual channel RAM and the step-by-step guidance will allow you to do this easily without any difficulty.

Dual Channel RAM

Dual channel RAM helps to detect any error that occurs during performance between the memory and the CPU. It helps combine different memory modules of the same or different sizes in the machine so that the performance is not affected in any way and this process is also highly compatible as well.

CPU interacts with the data stored in the memory which leads to doubling the dual channel RAM space which boosts the overall performance of the system as well. It increases the data transfer speed by additional communication channels. The RAM communicated with the PC through the CPU.

Which support is required for Dual Channel RAM?

The user can run the system through either single or dual channel mode of the Dual Channel RAM. The two factors that determine the dual Channel RAM are the CPU and the motherboard. It also depends on whether or not your motherboard supports the Dual Channel RAM or not.

You should also check the number of memory channels that your CPU suppers because it will also affect the overall performance of the computer. You can check the memory support of the CPU by going to the CPU manufacturer’s website.

How to enable Dual Channel RAM?

Most people do not know the correct way of running the Dual Channel RAM which is why you should go through this article because it will make it easier for you to get the work done.

  1. Slots on the motherboard

To form the Dual  Channel design you should plug in two extra memory sticks with the already present two slots of the motherboard. This technology of the Dual Channel RAM has been considered to be greatly fruitful for the users. Hence you will be able to use any machine that is paired with the single or Dual Channel.

A motherboard consists of four slots. A1 and B1 are known as the 1st channels and the A2 and B2 are the 2nd channels. This needs interlaced installations like the A1 and B1 Memory slot and the A2 and B2 memory slot. If you want to ensure the stability of the the system then you should make sure that it comes with the A2 and B2 slots.

It is highly recommended to use the memory chip of the same model as given by the manufacturer. This way you will be able to enjoy a maximum performance by the system.

  1. Performance and speed change

With Dual Channel you won’t see much of a difference with the speed change in the system even if you are running heavy applications on the system. Whether you have to use software like photoshop, 3D games, or illustrator you will be able to do your work and save data without any lag in the system.

You can test the games to check the performance of the system as it will also help to build your trust in the machine. The left side of the Dual Channel RAM comes with a single 8GB memory and the right side comes with a double 8GB memory. In the middle, you will also find double 8GB memory which doesn’t support the Dual Channel.

The game’s FPS is average if the Dual Channel is triggered and if it is not then you can directly upgrade the FPS and enjoy high end gaming as well.

  1. Memory chips of different sizes

Yes, it is possible that you can have different sized memory chips which can lead to an asymmetric double Channel. The entire 4G and the 8G are grouped to form the two channels. Once you go through the system you will see that the entire 4GB and the 8GB memory is grouped into two channels. In the back part, the 8GB memory chip works as a single Channel.

If you are using a windows computer then it won’t necessarily use the Dual Channel mode. You will have to turn it on if you want to use it on a windows computer. The windows computer also stores the data randomly. If you run software of heavy application the response time will modulate between fast and slow.

How RAM affects the performance of your PC

RAM is in the form of electronic chips that are attached to the computer’s main dock connector to fit in the slot present on the logic board. You don’t need to upgrade the RAM when you have to use the computer for normal work like watching movies, browsing, checking emails, or saving files. However, if you need to install heavy applications then you will have to upgrade your RAM as per requirements.

Quad core Memory

Quad core memory is mostly available on the latest servers and machines and not on regular computers because they don’t require a quad core memory. There are many different types of channels which include Dual Channel, quad channel, eight channels, and six channels. The main servers are the six channels and the eight channels. If you want to check the number of channels you can do that through the CPU-Z by going to the memory column.

Multi channel memory architecture

Multi channel memory architecture is the technology designed to increase the data transfer between the memory controller and the DRAM memory. To do this more channels are added to the system.

Final words

If you want to enable Dual Channel RAM and don’t know how to then no more worries because reading this article will make it a lot easier for you to get it done on your computer.

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