Do Motherboards have Bluetooth?

Do Motherboards have Bluetooth

A few years ago you could see everyone using headphones when they wanted to listen to music or do they work on a laptop or mobile phone. But nowadays wireless connectivity is the new trend which is why Bluetooth connectivity is a very important component whenever you are purchasing a new device. Therefore many people want to know if motherboards have Bluetooth and the answer to this question is that it depends on which type of motherboard you are purchasing or getting installed in your computer.

Some motherboards have a Wi-Fi card built-in or you will have to install it separately. Some of the motherboards do provide a Bluetooth capacity to the system but it is not very common. However, if your motherboard doesn’t come with a Bluetooth card then you can install one easily.

Why go for Bluetooth connectivity?

Bluetooth is a very popular connectivity option because it is very affordable and provides the best wireless connections to the user. You will be able to receive phone calls, listen to your favorite music, or watch movies in the best audio quality without sitting at a particular place in the case of wired headphones. Bluetooth is not only used for listening to music but also provides a lot of interesting connectivity features which is why it should be a crucial component of your computer.

Nowadays there is also an increase in the popularity of wireless mouse and keyboards because it allows the user to be more productive and do their work effectively. This also requires Bluetooth connectivity because if your computer does not support the Bluetooth connectivity option then you won’t be able to use a wireless keyboard and mouse. You will always find it a lot more entertaining to use a wireless headset when you are playing your favorite game in case you are a professional gamer.

Do motherboards have Bluetooth?

Not all motherboards come with pre-installed or built-in Bluetooth. Many devices support Bluetooth connectivity but not all computers come with inbuilt Bluetooth. It is because unlike mobile devices a computer can be connected to a more stable ethernet connection. Bluetooth requires a Wi-Fi modem and if you do not have a WiFi modem then you won’t be able to have a Bluetooth connectivity option.

PC motherboards

If you have an old desktop then most likely it won’t provide Bluetooth connectivity. This feature is hard to find on an average-quality desktop. However, if you go for the latest computer then they do provide built-in Bluetooth which makes them a more expensive option for the users because of the Bluetooth connectivity.

Laptop motherboards

In most laptops, you will be provided with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Almost all laptops provide this option which is why it is easier to use a laptop and do your work by using the Bluetooth connectivity option.

How to check if your PC has Bluetooth?

On your Windows computer go to the device manager to check if your motherboard comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Now click on the start icon and search for the program. Type device manager and click on it to open a new window. If you find a Bluetooth icon it means that the hardware provides a Bluetooth connectivity option. If you do not find this icon it means that there is no option for you to connect Bluetooth devices to the desktop. On most Mac OS Computer the Bluetooth option is available. All you have to do is search for the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.

Is it necessary to have Bluetooth in desktop motherboards?

Now it is important to know whether it is crucial to have Bluetooth on the desktop motherboard or not. Bluetooth is a very important feature to have on your desktop because you might need it for your work purposes. It saves you from a lot of hassle and also provides you enough time to do other important tasks. When you have Bluetooth connectivity you will be able to connect different devices with your desktop without any difficulty so that you can do your work more productively.

Install Bluetooth to the motherboard

If your motherboard doesn’t provide Bluetooth and you need Bluetooth in your computer then there are certain options through which you can install Bluetooth hardware on your desktop.

  1. Bluetooth adapters

One of the best ways through which you can install Bluetooth hardware in your computer is through a Bluetooth USB adapter. It is a very reliable and affordable option that is very popular among users. It provides the same quality Bluetooth connectivity as compared to the big built-in Bluetooth. Therefore you must make sure that you invest in a high-quality Bluetooth USB adapter so that you will be able to enjoy its super-fast performance.

  1. Use PCIe Card

If you want another effective solution then you can also use a PCIe card which can also help you get rid of this problem. You will require a Wi-Fi card that correctly supports Bluetooth. There are many PCIe Wi-Fi cards available that you can install in the available PCIe slot on your desktop. This provides a faster connection and you will see a drastic improvement in the quality of your work.

Versions of Bluetooth

There are many different versions of Bluetooth currently available. Most devices have Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity which provides a fast transfer speed and premium Wi-Fi connectivity option. However, the latest version of Bluetooth that currently exists is Bluetooth 5.1 which provides a large number of high-quality features to the user. It increases the speed, security and provides various improvements in the overall connectivity options for the user.

Final words

Wireless connectivity options are a much better route if you want to enjoy a stable connection for your desktop. A feature like Bluetooth connectivity is not common on desktops but it is not an issue because there are options to which you can install Bluetooth hardware. By reading this article you will be able to add Bluetooth connectivity to the motherboard effectively so that it can enhance the overall performance and speed of your computer.

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