Best 1151 Motherboard Under 100

Best 1151 Motherboard Under 100

You are someone who is looking for the best 1151 motherboard under 100 then your choice should be to read this article first before you make any purchase because it will help you choose the best option available for yourself so that you can get your needs fulfilled in the best way possible.

The 1151 motherboard is an ideal choice for anyone who is a gamer and wants to upgrade their gaming experience. You will enjoy several unique features on this motherboard that make gaming a lot more fun for the user. These features are specifically designed for the 8th or 9th generation processors to ensure compatible performance. It comes with the LGA 1151 socket.

In this article, you will get plenty of motherboards that will suit your requirements perfectly. Whether you want a motherboard that fits your budget or your gaming expectations there is no need to worry about anything because this article is what you need to go through right now!

Best 1151 motherboard under 100 in 2021

Following is a list of the best 1151 motherboard under 100 in 2021:

1. ASUS ROG Strix B365-F

Best Motherboard Under 100

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One of the best quality motherboards that are available out there is the ASUS ROG Strix motherboard that provides the best gaming experience. The best thing about this high quality motherboard is that it is very affordable and falls perfectly on the economical budget. This means that an average user will be able to afford this motherboard pretty easily.

If you are someone who is focusing more on overclocking rather than a fully upgraded system then you must get this motherboard. It is the best one in the market for such users. It falls perfectly on the aesthetics needs of the user as well. The design of this motherboard is very attractive. It makes it a lot more fun for the user to enjoy their favorite games.

This motherboard comes with RGB lights and heat sinks. You will also get multiple connectivity ports on this motherboard which is what makes it convenient for the user to connect their other devices easily with the PC equipped with this motherboard.

It comes with the B365 chipset which is an excellent choice for on budget gaming. Overall this motherboard is an ideal choice for the users and you should get your hands on this motherboard.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It comes with the best overclocking.
  • It comes with a B365 chipset.


  • The audio should be improved.


Best Cheap Gaming Motherboard Under 100

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Another highly recommended motherboard for gaming and intense working is the Gigabyte Z390 M. This motherboard is specifically designed for doing hardcore work and doing work using heavy software. This motherboard comes with the Z390 chipset which will allow the best overclocking support to its users. To make this overclocking experience more reliable this motherboard also comes with the 10 + 2 phase power design.

In addition to that, this motherboard also provides 2 M.2 slots but this motherboard offers a fewer PCle X1 Slots and SATA 3 slots as compared to the previous models do this motherboard.


  • It provides the best overclocking support.
  • It comes with a Z390 chipset.
  • It is an ideal choice for gamers.


  • It offers a lesser number of slots.


Best Budget Motherboard Under 100

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If you are looking for a highly affordable motherboard that fits your budget perfectly then you must get your hands on the Gigabyte B365M. This motherboard comes with the best graphics for making your gaming experience more entertaining and fun.

This affordable motherboard comes with the X16 graphics card. It provides high quality performance and makes sure that the system won’t lag even if you are using it for long hours continuously.

Another great thing about this motherboard is that it comes with 64 GB RAM that helps provide sufficient storage for the users as well. You can easily store your data on this motherboard without worrying about storage. It will also support your gaming applications so that you don’t face any issues while you do your gaming.

If you want a decent gaming experience on a budget then this motherboard is all that you need.


  • It provides decent storage.
  • The display is impressive.
  • It is highly affordable.


  • It doesn’t provide multiple ports.

4. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC

Best Motherboard For Budget Gaming

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If you are someone who enjoys high end gaming then you must get your hand on this MSI MPG motherboard. There is one thing that you should keep in mind and that is that this motherboard is not cheap. If you are on a limited budget then you should not get this motherboard as it is pricey.

It is specifically designed for high quality performance. It is highly compatible with the 8th and 9th generation Intel core processors. You will be able to overclock the processor as well as the RAM with this motherboard.

Another great feature of this motherboard so that it comes with built in WiFi which helps provide the best WiFi connectivity to its users. It also comes with 3 PCIe X16 slots. These features are not easy to find in other motherboards.

This motherboard will also support the NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. It also supports the AMD GPU. As far as the aesthetics are concerned you won’t be disappointed as this motherboard also comes in an attractive and stylish design.


  • It comes with built WiFi.
  • It supports the NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.
  • The design is very stylish.
  • It is highly compatible with the 8th and 9th generation Intel processors.


  • It is expensive.

Final words

When you are looking for the best 1151 motherboard under 100 then the best thing you must do is go through this article before you make any purchase. It will help you find the pick for yourself that matches your needs and fits your budget perfectly. Many users have greatly benefited from this article and you should give it a read too!