Best Headphones For Thru Hiking

You definitely do not want to go out without two things on the trail; your trekking poles and your headphones. These days, there are plenty of options when it comes to best headphones for thru hiking. These options include wired, wireless and waterproof headsets. Each type of headphone has its unique set of pros and cons, so to help you choose the best headphones for thru-hiking, we have analyzed and tried some best headphones and selected three of our top picks!

Introduction: What Is Thru Hiking?

Most people think of thru-hiking as a solo endeavor, but it can be done with friends. It’s the outdoorsy person’s equivalent of backpacking. Hikers set their own pace and cover the distance at their leisure. The two most popular long-distance trails are the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, with the Appalachian being more popular among thru-hikers. A thru-hike is usually completed in around six months, which means these hikers spend four to five hours hiking every day during that time period.

Why Use The Best Headphones For Thru Hiking?

Thru-hiking is a great way to experience nature and the outdoors in a meaningful way. Hiking without headphones can be an immersive, meditative experience. But there are many reasons why you should bring the best headphones with you on the thru-hike. Here are some benefits of using the best headphones for thru hiking:

– It saves your ears from noise pollution, and it can be a lot easier to find your way back if you have a map and a set of directions playing in your ears.

– Music also acts as motivation during hikes which can also make the experience more enjoyable. You can listen to any genre of music or even audiobooks or podcasts.

– Using headphones can also act as a buffer between you and other hikers. If your favorite song comes on, and you want to sing along, go ahead!

What Are The Features To Look For In The Best Headphones For Thru Hiking?

There are many features to consider when looking for the best headphone for thru-hiking. The most important ones are;

– Comfort: The headphones should be comfortable enough to wear all day without your ears hurting or your head feeling too heavy. They should also be breathable; they don’t feel too hot and sweaty on the skin.

– Noise Cancellation: On long hikes, it is important to tune out any noise to focus on the trail and stay alert. It means that the headphones should have a good level of noise cancellation, which will use batteries more quickly but will make a massive difference in terms of comfort and mental state while hiking.

– Battery Life: One thing no one wants is their battery dying right before finishing their hike! If you’re worried about this, then make sure to buy a pair of headphones with excellent battery life.

Best Headphones For Thru Hiking Recommendations

The best headphones for thru hiking are;


Best Headphones For Thru Hiking

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Skullcandy Push Active earbuds – are equipped with a microphone and are sweat-proof, making them ideal for hiking. They also have an app that lets you customize the sound of your music. They come with a charging case and 3 hours of battery life.


Best Headphones For Thru Hiking

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The Turonic F1 Pro – is the best option for a thru-hiker with an iPhone because it has dual compatibility and noise cancellation. The on-ear headphones have three different sound settings and foldable wire without tangles. The battery lasts 8 hours, so it’s ideal for use in lengthy hikes where energy gets drained quickly.


Best Headphones For Thru Hiking

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SHOKZ OpenRun Pro – is a durable and lightweight pair of headphones with a noise reduction feature that reduces outside noise by 90%. The earbuds are designed to fit comfortably on your ears and also come with an attached cord to play music without a Bluetooth connection. The OpenRun Pro also comes with an auxiliary cable, just in case your battery dies.

We have done our part and selected the best headphones for thru hiking from the giant market. They are from the most durable and trustworthy accessories companies, so without any second thought, check the price and buy the one that comes within your pocket range!

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