Best Headphones For Field Recording

Best Headphones For Field Recording

If you are looking for the best headphones for field recording then you have come to the right place because in this article you will get a list of the most high quality and popular headphones for field recording. Not only that will help this save your time but also you will be able to buy the type of headphones that fulfills your demands perfectly.

Important factors to consider

There are some important fancies that you must consider before getting a headphone for field recording.

Noise isolation

One of the most important factors to consider before making any sort of purchase is the noise isolation feature of the headphone for field recording. If the noise isolation feature is not present in your headphones then you should not spend money on such types of headphones.

Comfort level

When you are getting a headphone you must make sure that they keep your head and ears in comfort. If you feel uncomfortable wearing these headphones for a long time then you will find it hard to put them on again.


Another important feature to make sure is that your headphones are safe to use and easy to carry around especially when you are traveling.


When you get the headphones you must make sure that your headphones are greatly accurate. Great accuracy will also ensure that our headphone comes with noise isolation feature.


No matter how high end the headphones maybe you should always prioritize your budget before making any move. Make sure that the product you are getting falls

Under your budget perfectly so that you don’t have to worry about money after getting these headphones.

If you feel like you are short of money then there is no shame in that. The thing you should do in that case is to wait and then get the headphones once you have the money for them.

Best headphones for field recording in 2022

Following is a list of the best headphones for field recording in 2022:

1. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Best Field Recording Headphones

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One of the most high quality headphones for field recording that are available in the market. It is well known for its high quality built which is why a majority of the people prefer buying these headphones. Its stylish and modern design is what makes it a very unique choice for the users.

Apart from its design it also provides high quality audio and the best sound production to its users. So if you are involved in field recording you won’t have to worry about the audio quality as it will always be clear.

It also comes with high quality noise isolation which will make it a lot easier for you to do your work without any interruption. Many uses have found these headphones to be a valuable asset in helping them improve their work lives.


  • It comes with the best audio accuracy.
  • It provides noise isolation.
  • It comes with 3 detachable cables.


  • It folds down to 5 x 7 x 3.5.

2. Sony MDR 7506 Professional Headphones

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Another high quality headphones for field recording is the Sony MDR 7507 Professional headphones. These headphones are best known for their high quality audio production which provides crystal clear sound quality. This will greatly help you do your work without any interruption and will also save your time.

Another great feature of this headphone is its stylish design. If you are an aesthetic person you will be evening a lot from getting these headphones. It comes with a mid accuracy bass and double padded ear cups. It comes with folds down to5 d 5.7 x 2.9.


  • It comes with high quality built.
  • It provides clear and accurate audio.
  • It comes with padded ear cups.


  • It comes with 63 impedance.

3. Sony MDR-XB50AP

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If you are in search of the most portable headphones then you must get your hands on the Sony MDR-XB50AP headphones which will make it a lot easier for you to do your work.

They also come with low impedance and high isolation. These headphones are also very easy to carry around as they weigh only 18 grams so if you are someone who has to travel a lot then you will benefit a lot from getting these headphones.

It comes with 4 silicon tips and is highly compatible with any other electronic device. Overall these headphones are an excellent choice for field recording.


  • It is highly compatible.
  • It comes with less impedance.
  • It provides noise isolation.


  • The sound production is not impressive.

4. Tin Audio T3

Best Headphones For Recording

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When it comes to getting the best headphones for noise isolation you must Choose the TIN Audio T3. These headphones are a very popular choice in the market and are widely sold. You can wear these headphones with or without wire depending on the need. This is another unique feature of these headphones.

It is also the most comfortable headphone set that you will ever come across. Not only that it helps keep your ears soft and safe but also you feel the most relaxed during your work when you put on these headphones. They surely do work like magic!

It comes with a highly durable and metal construction which makes them a unique choice for users. Overall these headphones are very compatible for the users.


  • It is highly compatible.
  • They come with low impedance.
  • These headphones are highly durable.
  • They provide great isolation.


  • These do not come in a case.

Final words

When you are in search of the best quality headphones that are available in the market you must make sure that you read this entire article before making any purchase. It will help save both your time and money. You will also end up paying for the best option available out there. Make sure to go through this value article and then pay for the headphone that is an ideal match for your work as well as your needs.