Better battery life for Chromebook with Adaptive Charging Feature – Coming soon

Battery timing and life are major concern of the smart device users. Devices with better battery timing and life are generally liked more by the users. Adaptive charging feature in Chrome OS, similar to Pixel phone will increase the battery life.

Chromebook is liked more than Windows due to battery charging which usually last for the whole day without need for charging. Batteries deteriorate over the passage of time, which is common for all type of devices. Charge time keep on reducing with the passage of time.Users need to take extra care of their devices while on charging or in use to enhance batter life. Long time connection with charging ports and multiple charging without draining of the battery decrease the life of battery.

Pixel phones don’t have such issue as adaptive charging feature of the Google OS care for your phone battery, it does better than users do in their normal routine life. Adaptive charging slow down the charging process and sometimes vice versa depending on your habits on phone usage and charging. If you are used to place your phone on charging overnight, it will slowly charge your phone to not over stress the phone.

Google has recently announced inclusion of Adaptive Charging in Chromebook OS. Now machine learning will charge your Chromebook according to your usage pattern and your charging pattern, if book is on charging for longer period of time, It will keep on charging in slow pace to avoid battery damage.

Still it is not clear if this will feature will be available for new devices or old devices will also get benefit from this new feature of Chrome OS.

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