Best Tablet For Visually Impaired

While there are several devices that have been designed for helping people with disabilities, not all of them are equally helpful. And among the things to consider when purchasing one is whether it has software features that are specially designed for helping individuals who suffer from vision problems or impaired eyesight. Among these features are text-to-speech capabilities, low-contrast modes, vocal descriptions, and zoom tools.

People who struggle with visual impairment usually have two options before them in order to make their lives easier: they can either use a standard Android tablet that has these special accessibility settings enabled, or buy a separate tablet that is specifically designed for improved usability by visually challenged people.

While both options are good ones to choose from – given the fact that much development goes into a separate device whereas a standard one can have most of the settings changed with just a few adjustments – it is often preferable to have a special tablet that has been designed from the ground up for improved usability.

Let’s take a look at the list of best tablet for visually impaired and see why they stand out from the crowd, as well as what makes them so great:

Best Tablet For Visually Impaired 2022

Best Tablet For Visually Impaired

1. Nexus 7 from Google:

This small tablet is so convenient and easy to use that it can be easily recommended as one of the best tablet for visually impaired. With its extremely compact size, responsive screen and great touch controls, this device provides a valuable resource for those who need help getting around their houses or going about mundane tasks.

Nexus 7 does not have a stylus option though, which makes controlling the tablet a bit more difficult for people with sight problems. However, there are plenty of accessories that can be attached to make using it easier.

In addition, this tablet has been specifically designed to provide users with access to as many apps as possible without having them worry about compatibility issues. Since most Android apps are now compatible with Nexus 7 from Google, those who use it can be sure of getting the best experience.


  • Various accessories available.
  • Large selection of apps – most apps are compatible with this device.


  • No stylus option.

2. Apple iPad Mini:

With its brilliant 7-inch retina display, simple but effective touch controls and the great user interface, Apple iPad mini is perhaps one of the best tablet for visually impaired users in terms of sheer usability.

Its size makes it very convenient to handle and offers easy portability, while the beautiful Retina Display ensures that all images will be crisp and clear even to those who have difficulty seeing them clearly because of blurred vision or other problems.

The great performance offered by the device also significantly enhances its value in this category, as many users find it much more intuitive than smaller screens when it comes to scrolling, reading text and using the internet.

In addition, getting apps for this device is a breeze since it has been specifically designed so that they have a separate section on Apple App Store dedicated just to apps optimised for people who might have issues seeing what’s going on on their screen due to visual impairments.

And with the large number of such apps currently available for download, you will definitely find at least a few of them that can prove useful in your case.


  • Great display.
  • Very simple design – easy to use even if vision is impaired.
  • Special section in Apple App Store contains software especially suited for users with sight problems.


  • High price tag.

3. Nabi Big Tab:

This model from Fuhu is a heavy duty tablet that has been designed to be ultra strong and durable – two features that make it a great choice for people who need something that can handle the tough conditions without wearing out too soon.

The device has a bright 7-inch screen, excellent touch controls and responsive performance, while its user interface allows you to change the size of fonts on your screen regardless of which app you are using or what function you intend to perform.

You can also adjust other settings within apps in order to get the best experience possible regardless of what you plan to do with your new tablet. In addition, Nabi Big Tab offers access to thousands of apps through Google Play Store – which means you will be able to find at least a few apps that should make your life easier.


  • Bright display.
  • Highly durable – can handle tough conditions.


  • Lack of stylus option makes navigating the device somewhat difficult for some users.

4. Lenovo Thinkpad Helix 2 in 1:

This well-designed Windows tablet is one of the best tablet for visually impaired people who are looking for something that is powerful enough to handle tasks at home or office, yet small enough so it can be carried around with ease.

The device has a super responsive touch screen, excellent multi-touch gestures and very intuitive controls to offer maximum usability when it comes to, tapping on web pages and apps, scrolling and typing.

Lenovo Thinkpad Helix can be paired with a wireless keyboard to provide even more useful features that you should find quite useful if you are having any kind of problems seeing what’s on its 13.3-inch screen clearly.


  • Responsive touch controls.
  • Input available via keyboard only – great for people who have eye problems or other issues using touch screens.


  • Imperative to use the Touch Cover with this device in order not to damage the screen.

5. Samsung Galaxy Book:

Samsung Galaxy Book: Samsung Galaxy Book is a Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet that comes with a great keyboard cover. It includes the S Pen stylus for precision input and digitizing artwork, drawings and notes on its Amoled screen of 12 inches diagonally.

It is a compact tablet that weighs about 1.66 pounds and offers great battery life. Its keyboard cover provides protection when not in use and can be used as a stand.


  • Includes the S Pen stylus for digitizing artwork, drawings or notes on its Amoled screen of 12 inches diagonally.
  • Compatible with Windows Ink apps for graphics editing.
  • Offers long battery life.


  • Pricy.

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

This tablet/laptop from Microsoft is one of the most popular tablets for people who might have sight issues due to its excellent touch controls and responsiveness.

It includes an improved Type Cover with fingerprint scanner, which makes it easier to log into your device securely without the need to enter a password to unlock it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with everything you need for getting work done including the world-class productivity software, Windows 10 Pro and Office for free.


  • Includes an improved Type Cover with fingerprint scanner.
  • Great touch controls and responsiveness.
  • Offers long battery life.


  • Quite pricey.

7. Google Pixel Slate:

This tablet made by Google is one of the best tablets with full keyboard available in the market thanks to its fast performance and useful features packed in a thin and light frame.

It includes all the necessary hardware components such as Intel Core chipsets and UHD graphics cards so that users can enjoy powerful performance with speedy web browsing and multimedia playback capabilities while on the go.

Google Pixel Slate comes with its own dedicated keyboard so you don’t need to buy one for pairing with the tablet – although it is not included in the standard package and must be purchased separately .


  • Includes an extremely powerful processor .
  • Plenty of memory needed to operate smoothly.
  • Great storage capacity.


  • Costly.
  • No stylus option which means precise drawing or handwriting will be harder to achieve.


We’ve dedicated this post to the best tablet for visually impaired. There are a few things to consider when you’re looking for a tablet for a visually impaired person. You’ll want to make sure the tablet is easy to use, has good battery life, and is affordable. We’ve included reviews of tablets that are easy to use, have long battery life, and are affordable. These are the best tablets for visually impaired, and we hope this information helps you find the right tablet.

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