Best Printers For Avery Labels

Best Printers For Avery Labels: With each passing day, the advertisement industry is getting more expensive which is what makes it hard for small businesses to advertise their products. This is what made these businesses go for more affordable options for advertisement purposes. The most cost effective and simple advertisement method that is currently available is printing labels and stickers which has gained more popularity over the years.

When it comes to printing stickers and labels you should not expect a regular printer to provide high-quality and effective results because that’s not what it is built for. Therefore for printing high-quality and clear labels you will require the best printer for Avery labels.

These printers are specifically designed to provide high-quality and excellent label graphics on the Avery template. The main benefit would be that you will get to print high-quality labels and stickers that also provide rich colors.

Best Printers For Avery Labels

Best Printers For Avery Labels 2021

Following is a list of the best printers for Avery labels 2021:

  1. Brother MFCL2700DW All-In-One Avery Label Printer

Brother MFCL2700DW

One of the most high-quality printers for Avery labels is the brother MFCL2700DW all-in-one printer. It fulfills all the expectations of the users when it comes to printing speed so that you can easily print images in much lesser time and with the best image quality.

It is one of the best printers that you can get for your office because of it you won’t require a separate scanner because this printer comes with a built-in scanner and a copy machine due to the automatic duplex printing feature so that you can easily do both these tasks.

Now you don’t have to get to the printing office to get your labels printed when you have this monitor because it will do all the job for you. This helps save your valuable time while you will be able to finish all your tasks.

It gives excellent image quality because of the laser technology that works at a speed of 27 PPM. This makes this printer a great choice for busy work spaces or offices. Another good thing about this printer is that it is an excellent choice if you have to print large documents as it comes with a 250 sheet paper tray and 35-page auto document feeder.


  • It provides a stunning image quality that leads to producing attractive labels and stickers for your business
  • It is among the few printers that can easily print large documents
  • All the functions like the scanner, copying, or fax are available in one printer which is what makes it an ideal choice for the user


  • It is very heavy and bulky so the user should carefully place the printer at a specific place because then it might be hard to pick it up again and again
  1. HP Envy 5055 Wireless All in One Photo printer

HP Envy 5055

Another highly functional and widely used printer for Avery labels is the HP Envy Wireless printer. It is more of the best all-in-one functioning printer as it consists of a scanner, copier, and printer. Therefore this printer is a solution to all your problems and will greatly help you produce the most attractive labels and stickers for your business.

Whether you want to do regular printing or produce outstanding labels you will be able to do all of it with this HP envy 5055 wireless photo printer. Another important reason why you must purchase this printer is that it will provide you with the sharpest and bright colors for your labels and stickers that will greatly help elevate your business advertisement and marketing. Many small businesses have put it from purchasing this printer.

Another great feature of this printer is its smart app that is very user-friendly providing all the functions on spot. Printing documents is made a lot easier with this printer. It provides an easier printing system as you say will be able to print directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud so you won’t have to attach an external drive or device with your printer.

It also provides a better wireless connectivity option that provides stable connections all the time. The Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity are very reliable on the printer which is what makes it a lot easier for the user to do the work while accessing the Internet.

The HP printer comes with the best wireless connectivity and provides Bluetooth smart connectivity options as well. Compared to other printers it is a very stable connection and the user hardly features any disconnection issues which can lead to errors in printing.


  • The monochrome touchscreen control panel looks very aesthetically pleasing
  • It also saves to use that money because it is an ink efficient printer which is very affordable
  • By using the HP smart app do you know will be able to access the cloud printing functionality


  • The image quality produced by this printer is too sharp which is not preferred by some of the users as it doesn’t look that realistic
  1. HP DeskJet 2622 All in one

HP DeskJet 2622

If you’re looking for a printer that also comes in a stunning design that makes it hard for you to take your eyes off it then your choice would be the HP desk jet 262 all in one printer. It provides the best white and blue combination for deep impressions.

This is a printer that provides all three services of printing which include scanning, printing, and copying. It also provides the best wireless connection that saves your time from getting stuck in wired cables. Through wireless connections, you will be able to link your personal computer or any other device with the printer easily.

By using the smart app you will be able to print images directly from your mobile device without connecting to a computer which is what gets your work done in much lesser time providing exceptional quality images.

However, most people do not like the size that this printer comes in. It becomes hard to find a place to keep the machine because it occupies too much space and it’s also very heavy to carry around.

It comes with a detachable output tray which makes it very compact. Overall it is a good quality printer that provides the best image quality but if you are okay with dealing with a heavy printer at home or workplace then you should buy it.


  • This is the best all in one printer for scanning, copying, and printing
  • It can easily be connected to the smart phone and other electronic devices for doing your work


  • This printer is very hard to set up and occupies a lot of space then placed on a desk
  1. Epson WorkForce WF -2860

Epson WorkForce WF -2860

Another premium quality printer that you must purchase is the Epson workforce WF 2860 painter. This is one of the best all in one printers that provides high-quality print, scan, and fax. The bottom feeding tray is used for printing and the top feeding tray is used for scanning.

The bottom tray can easily fit up to 250 sheets of paper which is a great feature if you are running a small business at home and want to get your work done quickly. It consists of 26 photo paper holding capacity.

This printer is a great choice for those users who need to get there were done quickly and are very impatient because it comes with a painting speed of 807PPM in black color and a printing speed of 6 PPM in other colors.


  • It is one of the most professional printers for printing, scanning, and copying
  • This printer is highly compatible with all types of paper so that you can do your words without any hurdles
  • Compared to other printers this printer consumes 80% less power 


  • The printer head clogs once in a while which can be very difficult to believe to deal with

Buyers guide for printers for Avery labels

If you want to successfully run your business it is very important to understand the usage of a printer for Avery labels so that you will be able to print the most high-quality stickers and labels at a much affordable price.

This will greatly help you advertise your product and market your brand in the best way possible. The main reason being is that most people these days prefer online shopping so if you emphasize producing real labels and stickers it will benefit your business a lot.

Paper type

The very first thing that you should consider for Avery labels is the paper type. The type of paper greatly impacts the color tone and the image quality being produced. Since there are a large variety of papers and documents it sometimes gets hard to choose the one that you want for your work.

However, it is highly advised to invest in a type of printer that supports all types of paper so you will be able to finish your projects without any worries. Such a type of printer will easily be able to handle glossy photo paper, sticker papers, and labels.

Size of paper

When you have to print different shapes of stickers and labels daily then it is very important to make sure that the printer you are getting is compatible with the different sizes of paper and doesn’t lead to any problem with your work. This will also give you a clear idea of paper dimensions and a broader range of paper sizes. A new quality printer for Avery labels will easily support small sizes like the A4 to the large sizes like the A2.

Image quality

You must look for the image quality. No compromise should be made on the quality of images because it will directly affect the image of your brand and lead to a very low-value image in the customers’ minds.

The higher the quality of images the more expensive your products will be perceived by the customers which will intern benefit your business. Therefore you should never compromise on the image quality as it can be very fruitful for your business.

Connectivity options

Another important feature to look for in the printer is the connectivity option. You should always pay for buying a printer that provides multiple connectivity options so that you can easily connect different devices for your work purposes without any difficulty.

A high-quality printer makes it easier for the user to print without any issue regarding connectivity options. The most preferred choice for you should be the wireless connectivity in the printer. It will allow you to print images directly from the phone gallery without the need of a computer.


When it comes to price you must always try to find a printer that suits your budget perfectly so that it will be cost saving in the long run. If you end up buying a printer that not only provides you reliable performance but also suits your budget then it will turn out to be an investment for you and your business. A wise choice would be to look for the number of prints that you can get with one ink cartridge.

Speed of the printer

The number of prints that you can get depends upon the printing speed of the printer which is a very important factor to consider when you are purchasing a new printer for Avery labels. However, it doesn’t mean that you should only go for the fastest printer available as most of them are very expensive and that doesn’t mean that they will ensure a reliable performance producing vivid prints.

Final words

If you want to purchase the best printers for Avery labels then you must read this article because not only that you will get your job done easily but also it will greatly impact your business and you will see massive growth in sales of your products. Most users have greatly benefited from this article and so will you.