Best Razer Mouse For CSGO

Best Razer Mouse For CSGO

If you are looking for the best razer mouse for CSGO then you have come to the right place because in this article you will be provided with a list of the most compatible and high quality razer mice for CSGO.

One of the most played games of all time is CSGO. It requires a strong processor to play this game especially if you are a pro gamer. This can also be made possible if you have a high quality racer mouse by your side to help boost your gaming experience.

Most of the mice that are mentioned in this article will fit perfectly on your hand so that you will be able to play this game with great accuracy and precision which are the two main factors required to be a great competitor at the CSGO. Most of the mice that are mentioned in this list are used by professional CSGO players so that you can easily get access to the most professional gaming devices available in the market.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind and that is that every mouse mentioned in this list is different from the other and comes with its unique features so you should prefer reading this entire article so then you will have access to the most perfect razer mouse for yourself.

Best razer mouse for CSGO 2022

Following is a lot of the best razer mouse for CSGO 2022:

1. Zowie Gear Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Best Mouse For CSGO

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One of the most professional mice for playing CSGO is the zowie gear Ergonomic Gaming Mouse. The best thing about this mouse is that it comes in different hand sizes so that you can easily choose the one that fits your hand size perfectly. It also provides the. Eat hand grip to its users which greatly aids in playing the CSGO game.

Another important feature of the Zowie gear mouse is that it comes with a polling rate of 125 to 1000Hz. It comes with an optimal gaming sensor which is a necessary feature for ensuring professional gaming performance.

This high quality mouse also comes in a stylish design which is very attractive and another reason why most gamers have loved using this mouse especially when they are in e gaming tournaments. Professional gamers consider the design of the mouse as a representation of their gaming brand.

It comes with a 2m long cable length. Overall this mouse is an ideal choice for playing CSGO and you should get your hands on this device.


  • It provides professional performance.
  • It comes in a simple yet modern design.
  • It comes in various hand sizes.


  • Its cable length should be longer.

2. Sensei laser gaming – Steelseries

Best Mice For CSGO

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If you are looking for a mouse that comes with a glossy appearance then you must get the Steelseries Sensei laser gaming. It helps reduce palm sweating especially when you are using this mouse for long hours. This is one of the greatest conveniences of using this mouse.

It comes with a light up wheel which moves smoothly. It also comes with a pointer speed of 90. Most of these features are hard to find in other gaming mice in the market which is why you shouldn’t miss your chance of getting this high quality mouse.

The buttons on this device are highly sensitive to touch and movement. This is good in a way as you won’t have to click hard to make moves which helps ensure a smooth performance.


  • It comes with a unique glossy appearance.
  • It comes with a good button control.


  • It doesn’t ensure the most ideal gaming performance.
  • The design quality is average.

3. Razer DeathAdder Chroma


Best Gaming Mouse For CSGO

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The Razer DeathAdder Chroma is among the few gaming mice that ensures its users high quality and smooth gaming performance. It is very comfortable to use this mouse which is why the newbies, as well as the amateur gamers, should prefer getting this mouse if they want to do good while playing CS GO.

It comes with an optical sensor of 10000 DPI. This helps speed up the movement of this mouse up to 200 times which is pretty impressive. You will be able to do your fast gaming actions, especially during intense gaming.

This mouse also helps track the Z-axis that is 1 mm. It also comes with color customization so you can change the color of the lighting depending on your choice. Now you can illuminate this mouse with complete control.


  • It provides the fastest and accurate performance.
  • It comes with a 10000 dpi optical sensor.
  • It provides a color customization option.


  • It doesn’t come with the best hand size.

4. Steelseries rival optical gaming

CSGO Razer Mouse

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Another high quality gaming mouse that is available in the market is The Steelseries Razer Optical Gaming Mouse. It is a very popular choice among professional gamers because of the unique features that it provides to its users.

It is very comfortable to use and comes with a rubber grip. It fits perfectly on the hand and provides a strong grip. These features become very helpful in intensive CSGO gaming. It also offers color customization offer.

It has two buttons situated on the left side of this mouse. It provides the best button control to its users. It doesn’t come with any hardware acceleration. If you are just entering the gaming community then you will benefit a lot from this device.


  • It provides a 6500 CPI resolution.
  • It comes with a good button control.


  • It is not the best choice for professional gaming.

Final words

If you are in search of the best razer mouse for CSGO then you must read this entire article to get access to the best gaming devices used by professional gamers to play games like CSGO. It will greatly benefit you as it has to the previous gamers.