Best Mouse For Graphic Design

Being a graphic designer you need to have a professional quality mouse for your work purposes. A good mouse for a graphic designer will provide you with the best hand support that will make it a lot easier for the user to finish their work on time. This is why it is highly recommended for you to read this article because not only that you will be able to get access to the widely used mice for graphic designers but also you’ll easily find one that fulfills your requirements perfectly.

Important features to look for while choosing the best mouse for graphic design

Before spending your money it is very important to become familiar with the type of features that make up the best mouse for graphic design.

Ergonomic design

If you are someone who has to work long hours continuously then you must get your hands on a mouse that comes in an ergonomic design. These mice are the best choice for graphic designers and also fulfill their aesthetic requirements. The majority of the users who have to do extensive work and projects prefer buying the ergonomic mice since they also provide the best handgrip which helps get rid of any type of wrist pain or problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

While using the high-quality ergonomic design mouse for graphic design you will be able to rest your hand peacefully and comfortably without any pressure which is why it is highly advised to only choose a mouse that comes in an ergonomic design.

Wireless or wired mouse

Another important component to check is if you want a wired or wireless mouse. Most people however prefer the wireless mouse because it is more convenient to use for extensive working. It is because you are not restricted to sit in a specific place for your work. But you will have to buy batteries often for your wireless mouse as it doesn’t come with a charging cord.

On the other hand, a wired mouse makes it inconvenient for the user to do their work as they will have to sit at a particular place to do their work. However, the wireless mouse is easier to use because it doesn’t require any charging. Make sure that you do not damage the cable.

Optical or laser mouse

The main feature that distinguishes the optical mouse and laser mouse from each other is the dpi sensitivity. The higher the dpi resolution the easier it will be for the user to use the most for heavy projects especially when they have to use a heavy application. This is one of the reasons why majority prefer high dpi resolution because of great performance.

Size of the mouse

Another important feature to look for while  buying a mouse for graphic design is its size. Many users prefer a bulky mouse for work because  it will come in an economic design. However, if you want a lightweight and portable mouse then you should choose a small sized mouse  that is also cheaper and affordable. Therefore it will depend on those users and their preferences when it comes to choosing the type of mouse based on its size.

Customizable buttons

If you have to use heavy applications for your work then you must deal with a mouse that comes with programmable buttons that can easily be customized. It provides you with additional features that greatly help the user in doing the work effectively without any hassle.

Best Mouse For Graphic Design

Best Mouse For Graphic Design 2021

Following is a list of the best mouse for graphic design 2021:

  1. Logitech MX Master 3

Best Mouse For Graphic Designers

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One of the most popular and highly recommended mice for graphic design is the Logitech MX Master 3. This mouse is known for its powerful performance that makes it a lot easier to do graphic designing easily. This mouse is known for its stylish and ergonomic design that makes it easier for the users to work long hours using its mouse. This Logitech mouse is very comfortable to use but it is heavy and it sores the user’s wrist quite badly.

Scrolling on this mouse is not easy and it depends on the user’s needs. If you are doing normal web browsing then you will not face any issues. However, if you have to go through PDF files, work documents, and word files then it will be difficult for you to deal with the inconvenient scrolling.

However, the best part about getting this mouse is that it is very affordable and saves a lot of money providing double the amount of value to the user. It is an ideal choice for all types of creative and productive work. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional graphic designer you will greatly benefit from getting this Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse.

Bluetooth connectivity is not the most reliable feature on this device and many users have experienced problems with it. The connectivity is not reliable and requires the user to reset the mouse multiple times. The  customizable button is a great feature of this mouse. They make it a lot easier for the user to do their work especially when they have to use strong software and applications for their work.


  • This mouse makes it a lot easier for the user to do multitasking smoothly.
  • It comes with a long lasting battery life providing enough time for the user to do their work with ease.
  • This mouse is an excellent choice to be used for working on heavy applications or Softwares.
  • The ergonomic design is one of the most attractive and reliable features of this mouse.


  • This mouse can only be used by right handed people.
  • It doesn’t provide the most convenient scrolling which makes it hard to scroll through the PDF files and heavy documents.
  • Its Bluetooth doesn’t work properly and provides low quality connectivity.
  1. Philips RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Best Mouses For Graphic Design

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If you are looking for a mouse that not only makes it more convenient for you to do your work but also provides you with a powerful gaming performance then your choice should be the Phillips RGB Wired Gaming Mouse. This mouse is a best seller and a popular choice among graphic designers. One of the main reasons why you’ll see many people get their hands on this mouse is that it comes at an affordable price.

It also provides a perfect hand grip and doesn’t slip out from the user’s hands which is why most people prefer using this mouse for hardcore gaming as well. The reason why you get to enjoy super fast performance using this mouse is that it comes with a DPI sensor of 3600. This helps you do your work quickly and effectively.

The colors of the mouse are much more vibrant and sharp as compared to the mouse pad and other accessors which really makes the mouse stand out but it also makes the rest of the stuff look cheaper compared to it.

Some users have faced the tracking issue on this mouse especially if you also use it for heavy gaming. It works perfectly fine for the first week and if you play normal games but as soon as you switch to professional gaming then the mouse starts tracking weirdly which makes it difficult to aim during gaming.

It also doesn’t provide a comfortable grip on the sides and the side buttons aren’t placed correctly. If you have to work for long hours then you will face inconvenience during it.


  • It comes with a super bright backlight that makes it easier to work even during the nighttime.
  • It comes at a very affordable price so that majority of the people can easily princesses this mouse.


  • After continuous usage for gaming purposes, the mouse starts tracking weirdly and many people have faced this issue.
  1. Logitech M570

Best Mice For Graphic Design

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Another high quality mouse on the list is the Logitech M570. This is one of the best Trackballs that is currently available in the market. The well sculpted shape of this mouse makes it fit perfectly in your hand. This provides a strong and comfortable hold over the mouse so that you can do your work easily.

Web browsing and navigation have become more convenient with the help of the forward and backward buttons. However, the back and forward buttons are placed far from each other which makes it difficult to reach them.

It comes with the best ergonomic features that allow the user to work long hours with ease. If you are someone who has to spend most of the time in front of the computer screen then you should buy the Logitech M570.

Many users have experienced connectivity issues with this mouse. If you have to work using heavy software and require strong connecting then this mouse will show problems that can quickly frustrate the user.

One of the best features of this mouse is that it doesn’t use an excessive battery. You will also have complete control over the battery consumption because of the on/off button present on the mouse that turns off the battery when you are not using the mouse and turns it back on when you have to use it for work.


  • This mouse provides the perfect hand grip and comes in the most ideal size.
  • Work becomes a lot more convenient and easy when you are using this mouse.
  • It helps save battery as it comes with an On/Off button.


  • The scroll wheel doesn’t work smoothly and is very noisy.
  1. Razer Deathadder V2

Best Mouse For Designers

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Another reliable mouse that provides a smooth performance is the Razer DeathAdder V2. This mouse is extensively used among graphic designers as well as professional gamers because of its smooth and comfortable performance. The newer model comes with better upgrades compared to the previous version which also includes more comfortable left and right mouse buttons.

However, if you require to change the mouse settings that you will have to log into the Razer synapse software to make the necessary change in the device. It sometimes doesn’t accept your password which causes inconvenience for the user. But this problem can be solved by resetting your password.

Many users have faced issues with the left click of the mouse. When you click on it leads to double click which can be very frustrating when you are in the middle of your work related to designing.

The ergonomic design of this mouse is outstanding and provides a reliable performance to its users. It comes with a DPI sensor of 10000 which is high enjoy to allow the user to do their work smoothly. The best part about this mouse is that it can also be wired depending on your requirement. However, the majority of the users prefer using the wireless model and it also comes with replaceable batteries.

Because of the rubber sides, this mouse provides an excellent grip to the user for their work and gaming purposes. It will be very easy to handle this mouse and it doesn’t slip out of the user’s hand.

Overall this mouse is an excellent choice for the user but if you are not willing to deal with the hassle linked with software updates then you should look for other options.


  • This mouse can be easily customized so that you can do your work using the best features available.
  • It provides super fast and reliable performance as it comes with a dpi sensor of 10,000.
  • It is one of the most affordable ergonomic mice that also provides great value.


  • This mouse comes in a very basic design which isn’t unique.
  • The software update is the biggest issue associated with using the Razer DeathAdder mouse.

Final words

There are several professional and reliable mice available for graphic designing each of which comes with its special features. By going through this article you will be able to get access to the best mouse for graphic design so that you can choose the best one for yourself.