Best Monitors For Color Grading

Best Monitors For Color Grading: There are so many monitors available in the market for color grading which claims to provide best quality features to the users. A high quality monitor will make it easy for you to do edits and prepare the best quality image presentations. If you get a professional quality monitor then it will also benefit you in your professional work which is a great feature.

It is a big deal if you own a screen that provides a high resolution display ad also falls on your budget perfectly. This feature will greatly help you in your color grading projects which is why you should do your research before spending any money.

A premium quality monitor for color grading that provides a high end resolution also provides some additional features making it quite easy for you to do your work.

However, before you purchase a monitor for color grading it is important to make sure that it comes with the following features:

Important features to look for while buying a monitor for color grading

If you look for the following features while buying a monitor for color grading then it will provide create benefit to you and you will surely end up purchasing the best quality monitor for color grading:

Color correction software

There are many different types of color correction softwares available in the market. Color correction software is a crucial component of video editing which will make it a lot easier for you to do your work. A high quality color grade will completely transform the quality of your image and provide you with much improved image quality than before.

This is a crucial component of professional work which is why it is important to make sure that you only get a monitor that comes with pre installed color correction software or it has the capacity that will help you install color correction software on it.

USB ports

When getting a monitor for color grading you should check the number of connectivity ports that it provides. If there are more connectivity ports then you will be able to connect your computer with other devices that will greatly help communicate the quality of your work and make it look more professional.

High response time

Another important feature to look for is the response time in the monitor. If your monitor doesn’t come with a high response time then you will find it hard to load heavy files for your work purposes. A high response time is an ideal feature for doing image and video editing. It is also an important feature to look for if you like to play games in your free time because you won’t experience any lags because of it.

External speakers

Most monitors do not come with the best quality built in speakers which is why it is highly advised to get a monitor that comes with external speakers because it will help deliver better quality audio to the users so that they can do the work with ease.

Best Monitors For Color Grading

Best monitors for color grading 2021

Following is a list of the best monitors for color grading 2021:

  1. ASUS PA329Q


ASUS is among the best quality monitors for color grading that are currently available in the market. It provides high quality features that will greatly help boost your work performance. It comes with a 4K UHD display that provides high quality visuals and you will be able to produce excellent content easily.

It provides a large resolution of 3840 x 2160. It provides 4 color temperature modes because not everyone is okay working at a typical temperature which also provides greater ease regarding your work. The color grading is excellent on this monitor. It is designed to produce high quality performance. It supports two HDMI 2.0 ports because of which you will hardly face any connectivity issues with this monitor.

But it is important to make sure that you are okay with spending extra money as this monitor is not affordable and is slightly expensive. But concerning the wonderful features that it provides its users, it is a worthy purchase which will greatly benefit in the long run.


  • It provides a 32 inches 4K UHD resolution with a resolution of 3840 x 2160
  • This monitor comes with ASUS ProArt Calibration Technology.
  • It provides high quality performance because this monitor is precalibrated from the factory


  • It is an expensive monitor and you should avoid buying it if you have a limited budget
  • The calibration on this monitor is not flexible
  1. ACER R271


If you are in search of the most budget friendly monitor then your choice should be the ACER R271. It is the cheapest monitor for color grading that you will ever come across which provides unbeatable performance. It comes with a 27 inches wide IPS display and comes in a thin bezel design.

The connectivity options are also diverse as the user will get HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports. The display also comes with a power saving mode so that you can work long hours and deal with less battery issues. The heavy applications will also consume less power even if you use them throughout the day.

It comes with a very fast response time of 4ms. It provides one of the best contrast ratios which is 100000000:1. These features collectively provide the best visuals which are why it is a strong competitor in the market. It provides an 8-bit color depth and supports 16.7 million colors.

You can easily tilt the monitor and adjust its position according to your choice. It has a viewing angle of 178 degrees both vertical and horizontal. Another important feature is that the monitor provides great protection to the eyes which is what makes it a lot easier for the user to work long hours staring at the screen without any eye strain.

It comes with a blue light filter and flicker free technology designed to protect your eyes from any unwanted damage and keep them safe. This helps reduce screen glare through the Acer ComfyView Technology.

The main issue with this monitor is that the viewing angles can not be controlled but since you are getting a monitor at a very affordable price then you should consider buying it for your work.


  • It is a very budget friendly monitor which saves a lot of money
  • The response time is pretty fast which is 4 ms helping you do your work with great precision
  • It also provides a viewing angle o 178 degrees and the monitor can also easily be titled
  • It comes with a blue light filter and Acer comfy view Technology that helps reduce screen glare


  • The viewing angles cannot be controlled on this monitor
  1. BenQ SW271

BenQ SW271

If you want a device that is very affordable and doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money then you should buy the BenQ SW271. It provides the most stunning visuals to the users which is why you will most professional video editors use the BenQ monitor for their work purposes.

It produces a 27 inch monitor with a 4K screen resolution both do these features are ideal enough for work related to video editing and color grading. You will hardly face any lag while you are working on the BenQ monitor which is why it helps get your work done at a much faster rate.

Another great thing about this monitor is that comes with a removable hood so that you can easily focus on the screen visuals. As far as the performance is concerned the user will hardly face any issues. This monitor comes with AQCOLOR Technology with a 100% RGB color gamut. It supports 1.07 billion colors and has a refresh rate of 60Hz. Some users wanted a higher refresh rate but this is still decent and you will be able to do your work easily.

It is important to know that this monitor doesn’t come with an image adjustment mode in HDR. This is a disadvantage to the color grading and if you manage to get over this problem you will enjoy working on this monitor.


  • This monitor provides a super bright display which helps you view your work with clarity
  • Its performance is exceptionally good and provides a 100% RGB color gamut
  • The user will be able to focus much better through the detachable hood
  • It provides a stunning 10-Bit color depth and supports 1.07 billion colors


  • It doesn’t provide any image adjustment mode to the user
  1. Acer Predator XB272

Acer Predator XB272

If you are also interested in doing gaming then you must get your hands on the Acer Predator XB272. It is a great choice for multitasking and can be used for both work and gaming purposes. It is built to support heavy applications with ease. It provides the best color grading to its users which makes it a top competitor in the market.

It comes with an ergo strand and allows the user to tilt the monitor with ease. It can be adjusted up to 5 inches and rotated up to 90 degrees. Some users do not like the fact that this monitor doesn’t support the 4K resolution which can lead to low image quality.

Another attractive feature of the Acer Predator monitor is that it makes the images and the objects ultra sharp through the Ultra Low Motion Blur Technology. It is also very compatible which means that you can easily fit this monitor on the desk and it is also very easy to carry around when you have to travel and work at the another destination.

It also comes with flicker free technology along with a blue light filter to provide increased protection to the user. None of the people who have worked while using this monitor have faced any eyesight issues or eye strain.

It is a highly compatible monitor ideal for multitasking and gaming purposes. Therefore you should consider buying it for color grading.


  • It comes with a very high refresh rate of 240 Hz
  • It can easily be tilted up to 5 – 20 inches vertically and can be rotated up to 90 degrees


  • It doesn’t provide 4K resolution which can affect the image quality and performance of the user
  1. BenQ ZOWIE


Another professional quality monitor which is also a great choice for gaming purposes is the BenQ ZOWIE. It provides vibrant visuals and a refresh rate both of which make it a lot easier and more interesting for the user to do their work.

It provides excellent performance compared to the price at which it is available in the market. One unique feature found in this monitor is that it comes with equalizing technology which speeds up the process of improving visuals on the screen. It also increases color accuracy.

It also provides a color vibrancy of 20 levels so that the user can easily customize the viewing angles and other display features. This is what provides greater benefits when you are working on this monitor because video editing requires a device that can always provide you with the best visuals so that you can edit your work with ease.

It also comes with a removable shield so that the user can easily focus on the screen for a long time. The viewing angles are narrower compared to other monitors but if you can easily deal with it then you should consider buying this monitor.


  • The 240 refresh rate is super fast and ideal for color grading
  • It is among the few monitors that can fully be titled and the height can be adjusted
  • It comes with equalizing technology


  • It comes with narrow viewing angles and it can affect working to some extent

Final words

Looking for best monitors for color grading can become very easy if you choose to read this article before making any purchase. This will help you find the most compatible Monitor for your video editing and color grading.