Best Headphones For PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has become increasingly popular these days and it is one of being most popular online games for users. To boost one’s gaming performance it is highly recommended to get a reliable headphone that is ideal for gaming purposes.

A professional gaming headphone for PUBG Mobile will prevent any unnecessary sweating, provide more clarity, and comes with a better microphone. The main difference between a professional gamer and a newbie is that the professional gamer prefers to invest in reliable and trustworthy gadgets that will help improve the overall gaming performance of the user.

On the other hand, a newbie tends to go after the cheapest and easily available headphones irrespective of the quality of performance it provides.

In this article, the user will be provided with a list of the most professional and widely sold headphones for PUBG mobile so that not only it will help boost your game in performance but you will be able to find the most affordable headphones for your self that fits your budget perfectly.

Important features to look for in a high end headphone for PUBG Mobile

Before spending your money you must ensure that your headset has the following features:


When you are in search for a headphone for cleaning purposes it is very important to check the overall performance because it will also impact your gaming performance. For example, if you are not able to hear using the headphones then it will make it hard for you to communicate with your team and get any feedback from them.

Sound quality

Audio quality is another important feature to check in a headphone for PUBG mobile. Make sure that the device you’re getting comes with a decent quality noise isolation feature so that you can hear your teammates and communicate with them.


Not every camera has enough money to invest multiple times and buy different headphones every single month therefore it is the most perfect decision to choose wisely and invest in a highly durable headphone.

Headphone fit

It is also important to check whether you want a wired or wireless headphone. Once you are done making your decision and that another thing to check is if you want and headphone that is over-ear in design or in-ear in design.

Best Headphones For PUBG Mobile

Best headphones for PUBG Mobile 2021

Following is a list of the best headphones for PUBG Mobile 2021:

  1. Apple AirPods pro

Best Headphones For Pubg Mobile 2021

One of the most high quality headphones for PUBG mobile is the Apple AirPods Pro. Not only that the design is very attractive but also do you say will get to enjoy the best quality sound experience with minimum background noise. Its noise cancellation feature is amazing therefore it is considered a worthy investment for the users who want to be the top gamers of PUBG mobile.

This AirPod is also very comfortable to wear and doesn’t cause any inconvenience especially when you are getting it for a long time. The users have experienced no type of sweating while wearing this AirPod Pro which is the main reason why the majority of the users prefer getting the Apple AirPods when it comes to gaming.

Another reason why you should get your hands on the Apple AirPods is that they are very easy to manage because of the touch features. It consists of six sensors which are very small in size. The Wi-Fi connectivity is very easy and convenient on this AirPod because these are Wi-Fi here but that operate connectivity.

The battery life of this airport is also very long and lost 50 to 60 minutes. The charging case is very portable and provides a convenient method for charging the AirPods. Another important feature of this AirPod is that they fit the majority of the users easily.

It is very hard to find such type of headphones in the market that fit the majority of people but Apple always impresses it’s your house and comes with the best quality product therefore it is recommended to get your hands on the Apple AirPods Pro if you want to enjoy professional gaming experience while playing PUBG


  • The noise cancellation feature is amazing on this AirPod which removes unwanted background noise or disturbance.
  • These AirPods are designed in such a way that they could the majority of the users and provide a very comfortable and convenient fit
  • These Apple AirPods are sweat and water resistant which provides extra protection to the AirPods and makes it easier for the user to use these AirPods for a very long time easily


  • These AirPods are expensive and not ideal for users who have a limited budget
  1. Razer Hammerhead duo

Best Gaming Headphones For Pubg Mobile

If you want a headphone that provides superior audio quality then your choice should be the Razer hammerhead duo. It is one of the most expensive earbuds that are available in the market. This is why the majority of the gamers have greatly benefited from using this set of earbuds for video game purposes

It provides multiple connectivity options including the USB 2.0, headphone 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The design of this set of earbuds is also very attractive. Both of the earbuds come in an aluminum frame which is moderate size. It consists of a matte black finish that provides a very neat and chromatic look.

The tables are very nicely braided and it helps to avoid tangling. The cables are protected by rubber tubing which prevents any type of breakage especially when you are planning to use these headphones for long-term purposes.

This headphone comes with dual driver technology which helps to provide a more precise audio experience to the users. This is what helps enjoy dynamic sound quality on this headphone. It is available in three different types of sizes which can easily be customized if they don’t get to use it easily. When you customize the specific type of razor here but it will fit you.

The mic and volume control are also pretty decent on this device. It consists of three buttons that control the volume and the pause and play button. It makes it a lot easier for the user to watch during favorite movies, play games, or listen to their favorite songs in their free time.

The sound quality is not the most perfect feature on this telephone but it does contribute to providing a dynamic sound experience to the USA with great clarity. The soundstage is also good. It makes it more fun to do online gaming especially if you are a PUBG fan.


  • This set of earbuds is very affordable which is why the majority of the users are attracted to her to find it because it provides a decent quality performance on a budget
  • The sound is harmoniously balanced and doesn’t cause any type of distortion to the users
  • The dual tech is one of the most promising features of this headphone and helps boost the overall listening experience


  • This headphone is not an ideal choice for height and frequency and leads to frequency bands which is not an ideal thing
  1. Audeze Mobius

Best Headphones For Pubg Mobile Under 1000

Another premium quality headphones for enjoying 3D especially games like PUBG is the Audeze Möbius. These professional quality headphones are widely used among PC because of their high quality features which makes it more interesting to do gaming.

This headphone comes with memory foam that is a great choice for keeping the head relaxed and providing a comfortable fit to the user especially when they have to get a headphone for a long time. The headband is made of a very soft material that can easily be bend or reshaped so that it perfectly fits the user.

Most of the gaming headphones are made up of hard material and compared to them the Audeze Mobius headphone is an ideal choice. This headphone is covered in leather material which is also replaceable in case if any damage occurs in the future. However, when you initially buy the Audeze Mobius memory foam might be hard but with time it feels more comfortable when you start using this headphone frequently.

This headphone can’t be connected to a computer or any other electronic device through a USB cable. It also provides a 3D audio tech. When you tune the headphones it makes the audio come out louder and with great clarity. This 3-D option is available for both wired and wireless connections.

The battery life of these high-quality headphones is up to 10 hours on a single charge. It has been tested multiple times and the battery life lasts up to nine hours or slightly shorter than that if you are using this headphone at a high volume.

You’re right Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and supports the AAC, SBC & LDAC. The users have not experienced any rage issues by using this headphone which is why it is a great choice for gaming purposes.

Apart from providing all these amazing creatures this headphone is also very expensive therefore if you have a limited budget then you should probably consider buying some other cheap or affordable headphones. But this doesn’t mean that it is not worth it to buy because it is among the few headphones that potentially ensure a high quality performance for professional gamers. It is considered one of the best gaming headsets and an ideal choice for playing games like PUBG.


  • If you are in search for I had found that provides the most comfortable fit then you should prioritize buying the Audeze Mobius headphone
  • The Bluetooth works perfectly fine on this headphone and doesn’t cause any errors in connectivity
  • The sound quality is amazing and provides a more entertaining gaming experience to the users


  • The Audeze Mobius headphone is very expensive and will charge you a lot of money if you want to get this headphone.
  1. HyperX Cloud Flight

Best Wireless Headphones For Pubg Mobile

One of the most ideal gaming headphones is the HyperX Cloud flight gaming headphone. This headphone is an ideal choice for those cameras who are looking for a type of headset that provides them additional features that could potentially help increase their gaming performance. This Bluetooth gaming headphone is an excellent choice so far. It is made up of plastic and is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry as well.

The sound quality is very balanced and the performance good as well. The microphone does a very good job and provides a good voice over feature which makes it easier for the gamers to communicate with their team members during the multiplayer matches.

The best part about this gaming headphones is that it provides strong depth to gunshots and explosions which makes it more exciting to play PUBG especially when you are playing with your friends. The wireless connections work perfectly fine.

It also comes with a long battery life that lost a good 30 hours which is pretty impressive. Another great feature of this high-quality headphone is that it doesn’t heat up easily which allows the user to do their gaming for long hours without any difficulty.


  • This headphone is very comfortable to wear especially for prolonged periods and doesn’t cause any sweating
  • The noise cancellation feature is excellent and removes unwanted disturbance during the gaming
  • The user will also get long lasting battery life that lasts up to 30 hours


  • Most of the users have found it hard to customize this had a phone which is a disadvantage for gamers
  • If you are looking for a luxurious design in a headphone done this headset is not an ideal choice for you as it is entirely made up of plastic

Final words

It is always the best decision to do proper research before spending on any headphones that you come across. By reading this article you will only get access to the most reliable headsets. Most of the users have found this article to be in their best interest in finding them the best headphones for PUBG mobile.